Welcome to
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Institute

OPTI is a physical therapist-owned facility which specializes in outpatient industrial, orthopaedic and sports medicine rehabilitation.

OPTI believes that a patient’s successful outcome depends on the concerted efforts of the referring physician, the treating physical therapist, and most importantly, the patient.

Being a results-oriented facility, OPTI is committed to accurate assessments leading to reliable and proven treatments, which are tailored to meet the individual’s need.

We measure our success by the actual physical outcomes of treatment in combination with the personal satisfaction of each patient that comes to our facility.

That means we approach each patient from an optimistic viewpoint that continually looks and points towards full, functional status when rehabilitation is completed.

We believe the chances of a successful outcome are enhanced when a highly qualified person, namely the licensed physical therapist, implements the treatment, as opposed to unlicensed support personnel. At OPTI, the highest quality service is coupled with compassion and communication.

OPTI is intensely committed to communication, which means we will make every effort to bridge any gap existing between the patient, physician, insurance adjuster, or employer.

Finally at OPTI, continuing education and ongoing teaching and learning activities ensure that we remain at the top of our profession, able to measure ourselves successfully against any standards.